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this is just too cute xdd


Apparently Aiba still couldn’t decide what to call Sho in public. His usual “Sho-chan” is too casual and “Sakurai-san” is too formal, so he just went on with "SAKURAI SHO-CHAN". Twitter Japan was so amused that it’s trending.


If it’s Ohno Who Did the choreography is a genius! 

Kanji represents death (shi)

(Arashi helps us to learn kanji xD)

sr: twi

"We don’t even realize the sands of time are falling
Nobody knows how much longer they’ll be here for
A lifetime that we take for granted Day by day, everyone’s being rushed
The truth is, it’s full of irreplaceable drama”

Arashi - Daremo Shiranai


VS Arashi 2014.04.17 

Sho’s dorky dancing and some Sakumoto/Sakuraiba love.