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The 5 of us had a drink together last night and we had a good talk about our past and future. In the end, the conclusion that we got is, “WE LOVE ARASHI”. We are the ones who love Arashi the most. And we don’t think that even our fans’ love can beat ours.
— Sakurai Sho (LOVE Tour Final Greetings)

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Arashi FC


Precious men 

"Arashi in Glasses" Challenge

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Temporary phone quality pictures of vol. 65 Pikanchi Issue that came in today ^.^


 this is what i call ‘love so sweet’  They love teasing their Sho-chan

Even when Sho-kun thinks, "I’m not good with this kind of person," he will never show a hateful expression.
Even after he’s being told something awful, he’ll accept it with a big heart and laugh at it. He will even play a fool himself so that that person won’t look bad on TV.
I always watch him from the side and think of how amazing he is.
—Ohno Satoshi (via nieatriestine)
Behind Arashi’s “pioneer” and intellectual figure…



Sakurai Sho was born to a family of scholars where everyone is raised with high expectations. His father graduated from Tokyo University and currently holds a respectable position in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, his mother is a college professor and a company heiress, inherited the company from her father.

Born as his grandfather’s first grandson, Sho was pampered like a spoiled child. He thought of his mom as his 'very first enemy', always yelled to and argued with her even because of small things. And his dad often brought him to the parks on weekends but they didn’t really talk to each other, even now.

“I went to a hotpot restaurant with my dad once, just the two of us. We didn’t know what to talk about so we ended up talking about the hotpot ingredients.” (from Shiyagare 2011/03/26)

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Sleeveless! Sho for stormychu〜(^∇^〜)