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Sleeveless! Sho for stormychu〜(^∇^〜)


Sakurai Sho  FREECELL

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Matsumoto Jun  Sakurai Sho  non-no

That last smirk

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What a beautiful human being

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It doesn’t matter whether we go to Seoul or to Taipei or to Shanghai, or even if we were to do something on domestic soil, there will always be people who “want to come but can’t”. But nothing’s ever going to happen if we remain in fear of that.

This is something I’ve said over and over again, but there are tons of places within the country that we have never been to before too. Regardless of Japan or overseas, we want to go as long as there are people asking for us. It just so happens that it’s Hawaii this time, that’s all.

- Sakurai Sho (about fans’ reactions to Arashi Blast in Hawaii)

[Nikkei Entertainment 07/2014]

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After the live broadcast of News Zero last Monday, Sakurai Sho gained words of respect from Governor Yanagida Seiji. It’s a given that the newscasters are using the pointers to point on the big screen when they’re explaining. However, only when the Governor’s photo appeared on the screen, Sakurai-caster put away the pointer and pointed at his face using his hand instead because it’s rude to point at people’s faces using pointers.

The Governor praised him for being polite and thoughtful and some others added by saying that he is a respectable young man who pays attention even to the smallest details.